Mariana. Come take my hand, we will get through this together.

Venting :(((

I am fine guys, just a bit blue. Oh my lord, I love him. I really do, I only wanted to be with him. I dont wnat to kiss another lips, but this is just impossible. He keeps on pushing me away, he cant give me a day to finally see each other for more than 15 min and talk, he keeps ignoring my messages but I am the one to blame. I am the cold one, the one who doesnt care. Can you fucking see?

I used to believe in us, I would do anything just for us to work out and that didnt happend. And now we are here robbing each others happiness and chances in this world from one another. We keep giving each other second chances, “one more fight” only to rob new chances from one another.

It all comes to one song: Robbers - The 1975

Idk this is just sad and I don wanted it to end like this.

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01. Bloom
02. Blood
03. In my place
04. One day
05. Resolution